Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance

JustChoice Lending is providing more options to homeowners through the Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance program.  Project Reinvest provides a $10,500 loan at 0% interest that is deferred until sale, or payoff of the home by the borrower.  This down payment assistance helps pay closing costs or can help lower the amount the homeowner would have to borrow, giving greater purchasing power or lower monthly payments.


  • $10,500 loan at 0% interest, Deferred/Due on Sale of home by borrower
  • Can be used for down payment and/or closing costs
  • Can be used alongside most first mortgage products (RHS, FHA, Home Possible, VA, Conventional)
  • 15-30 year term
  • Household must be at or below 100% of the Area Median Income (Contact JCL to see if you qualify)
  • Must complete pre-purchase education
  • Used for primary residences only
  • May be used with purchases
  • Eligible property types include single family, 2-4 unit, condo, townhome, new manufactured home
  • No maximum sales price


Not having enough money for down payments and closing costs is one of the most common fears of homebuyers.  Alleviate that fear to see if you qualify for Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance by contacting David Brock for more information at 866.367.0855 extension 2111 or by emailing .

JustChoice Lending is dedicated to strengthening communities by creating successful homeowners, and the Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance Program is another service we provide to reach this goal.